How to Build a Trouble-Free House or Weakest House Points

Housebuilding can be exciting and nervous at the same time. You have to deal with house builders and contractors and make sure they do a good job. When you have your house built or remodeled you expect it to be reliable in the long-run. If  you want your house to serve you for years and decades, pay attention to the common weakest house areas.

They are: foundation, landscaping, electricity, plumbing and roofing.

So, you find a local housebuilder, buy a good house plan and the work starts. But don’t relax, it’s time you paid attention to the foundation and landscaping.


House Foundation and Landscaping

The house foundation should be built in a proper place. It should not be too wet or green. Plants and especially big trees next to the house can damage the foundation and cause micro-fractures and then cracks by their roots. That may even lead to lifting or separation of the foundation.

Besides, you have to water plants near the house. It may cause foundation and soil expansion. If soil is underwatered the foundation is likely to dry up and shrink.

Thus, when you build a foundation make sure you have at least a 10-inch barrier between it and garden plants and trees.

Electricity and Electrician Contractors

Another moment to be attentive is when dealing with electrician contractors. Incorrect electrical can cause problems in future. There may be minor troubles (with lamps or sockets, for instance) as well as more serious ones (short circuit and even fire). Try to hire an experienced electrician to make the job.


Plumbing is also vital if you want your house to be in good condition for long. Make sure your plumbing system and reliable and secure. Find a plumber who will be able to fix everything properly in order to avoid leakages and mold.


Proper roofing will save you from many troubles. Hire a reliable roofing contractor and buy high-quality roofing materials – it’s not the point for saving money or economizing.

Bad roofing may lead to leakages, ceiling spots and what’s worst – to electricity problems.


Now, you are aware of the weakest house areas. Control them, get best building specialists, buy high-quality building materials. That will make your house remain in excellent condition for years and years.

December 02, 2009