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How to Build a Trouble-Free House or Weakest House Points

Housebuilding can be exciting and nervous at the same time. You have to deal with house builders and contractors and make sure they do a good job. When you have your house built or remodeled you expect it to be reliable in the long-run. If  you want your house to serve you for years and decades, pay attention to the common weakest house areas.

December 02, 2009

Dallas House Builders

Dallas housebuilders offer a wide range of house blueprints, house styles and house prices.Dallas tends to be a stable housebuilding market which is rated 5th Healthiest Housing Market for 2009 by the Builder Magazine.

November 25, 2009

How to Save Money when You Build a House.

Homebuilding can be quite expensive. USHousebuilders offers 6 easy steps to save money when building a house and dealing with builders and contractors.

Homebuilding isn’t simple – finding house builders, hiring electrician and roofing contractors, controlling their work, buying materials and so on. And everything is so costly these days.

November 25, 2009

Builder's Weakest Housing Markets 2009

The Builder determined 15 America’s weakest housing markets 2009. Florida and California house builders seem to be in trouble more than others.

The current situation of house builders in America now is a matter of great interest.  The Builder magazine has done a research of the US homebuilding. Having analyzed modern America’s builders and contractors  the Builder presented the weakest housing markets of 2009.

November 08, 2009

How to Make Sure Your House Builder or Contractor is Good

High-quality building or remodeling a house requires much professionalism an experience. Invest your time in finding out some information about housebuilders of your area, follow simple rules and you are sure to find a reliable and trustworthy housebuilder.

November 08, 2009

Builder’s Healthiest Housing Markets 2009

The economic crisis influenced most house builders, contractors and sellers. Homebuilding industry is far from flourishing. Nevertheless, there are still quite healthy housing markets in the USA. The Builder Magazine together with Hanley Wood Market Intelligence presented their list of the healthiest house building markets with best potential in 2009.

November 08, 2009

Housing market slowly recovering

Low mortgage rates and tax credit for first-time buyers help to stabilize housing market. Together with low home prices the stimulate buyers' interest which leads to the increase in conventional mortgage applications for home purchases. House builders and contractors get a better chance of finding new customers.

November 08, 2009

Remodeling Activity Goes Down

Remodeling contractors are going to face some difficulties. Remodeling market will trend down to the first part of 2010 according to the LIRA.

Remodeling market will trend down to the first part of 2010. So, remodeling contractors are going to face some difficulties.

November 08, 2009

Builders Commonwealth takes part in a TV Project

Builders Commonwealth will take part in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in August. Being a group cooperative, Builders Commonwealth has been on the market for over 30 years. They’re provided lots of American companies, families and individuals with design and construction services.

November 08, 2009

Homebuilding: June Housing Starts and Permits

The US homebuilding shows slight changes in June. House builders seem to have reacted to the improvements of market conditions. June nationwide housing starts showed a 3.6% increase to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 582,000 and permit issuance rose 8.7% to 563,000.

November 08, 2009