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    If you want to find a contractor, tradesman or homebuilder to do some work for you, use this quick job offer posting form.

    1. Fill in the form fields, describing your requirements. After you press "Suggest Job" button your job offer is posted but not shown. Please check you e-mail.

    2. Follow the link in the letter from to verify your e-mail address and activate your job offer.

    3. Now we know that you job offer is real and it is posted on our site in "Find a Job Offer" section.

    Then you'll get a password. It wll enable you to enter your Cabinet on the site and add photos for this and follow-on job offers, edit or cancel them at any time.

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    Contractors, Tradesmen and Homebuilders all find your job offer themselves. So contractors (tradesman, homebuilders) will make quotes and offers concerning your job through the site's quoting system.

    You may also send messages to contractors, ask them for details and so on.

    When you decide that a contractor's offer meets your requirement, you are free to give him or her your address, phone number or any other contact information by sending him/her a message. Also remember to click "Hire" button when you choose a contractor!

    Be sure, nobody will be able to see your contact information, as messaging system is concealed from other visitors and your messages are private.

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